Slow Cooker Maintaining And Safety

Maintaining of your kitchen tool or any device that you have should be done in order make all of its functionality working great. You cannot use the tool in its fully performance if you never take care of it. For example here, kitchen knife need to keep of its sharpness in order we could use it. There is no way that we are going to use a blunt knife to cut our meat. This is what you have to do on your slow cooker. You have to know how to clean it and how to maintain it.

Even though using slow cooker is very easy, you still need some things that you have to know about it especially on maintaining and getting the right safety for it. You cannot just leave it without know how to maintain and getting the right safety for you.  Slower cooker is a pretty unique tool where you have to cook your food on the low temperature and many people seem to not know about it.  There are more things that you have to know about it. These are some good information that you have to know about it.

How Do I Clean it?

When you decide to clean it, plug off your machine from the socket and wash the lid by yourself or you could just simply put it on your dishwater.  For this case, never ever to wash it directly after you are using it. It is really recommended to wash it after the machine has been cool down.  This case would prevent the machine is broken.

The cleaning process is easy to do. Just do not use any abrasive cleaner to remove the left food.  The material is very easy to be scratched and that is why using abrasive cleanser is not recommended.

Remember that not all of slow cookers are made in the same design and it means that the process that you have to take care in order to clean it would be so different.  The best thing that you could do for this case is by reading of its manual. You could find it  on your slow cooker box or find it online if you are losing it.

I have said that using abrasive cleaner is not recommended since it could scratch the material.  For this case you could use the baking soda as one of the alternative.  It has a good scouring effect which is good to clean it, but it is not going to scratch the material.  Here, just add some water on it and then add few spoons of baking soda and then scratch the inside. Using this step is working really great in order get rid the left food or residue, but it is not going to work with tough stains.  For this case,  one of great things that you could do is by using ammonia.  Add some water to your cooker, give some ammonia and then cook it on the low temperature for short time. Then, turn off the tool and wait it for the entire night. You could check that all of stains are removed from it.  This step is what you could do in order to clean tough stain.


Cooking of your food on slow cooker must be done on the low temperature, but it does not mean that it should be done on very low temperature.  The temperature must reach at least the 60 degrees Fahrenheit in order to kill all of bacteria on that food.  Then, you also need to be extra careful on cooking of your beans here. Beans are having some toxic which cannot be killed on the low temperature. It needs to be cooked on very high temperature to kill it.  The machine is not what you are looking for if you want to cook of your bean.

You could just simply do it here, but it would take more than 5 hours and for me it is probably too much.  I just prefer to smoke it on my gas grill smoker because it is much easier and easy to do. Just put it in there and wait for it’s to be ready.

Final thought

Cleaning and maintaining slow cooker is very easy to do as long as you know the whole process.  The process itself is very simple where you only need some cleaner such as baking soda and then ammonia for cleaning it. The rest part is pretty easy since you just need to scrub it or cook it on the low temperature for short time. That information I think would be very helpful to you.  They are not much, but containing a very good information of using slow cooker. At last, keep enjoying of cooking food and see you again.