The Easiest Solution For Jail Breaking IOS

The only reason why people love to use their IPhone or Ipad because the ecosystem is safe and there is not too malicious program that will break their device. But the case is not always happen now because there would be always vulnerability on the system and this is what a hacker needs to make a jail broken is possible. In Android there is way to exploit and getting the fully control of our system including doing any mod or even delete any app from the system which is not available on the stock. That thing is called as Root and in IOS itself there is an own definition about it and it’s called as jailbreak. Apple is pretty strict with modifying their OS and this is becoming the reason why many people want to break it. The easiest way to hack our device is probably using an exploit called Cydia and Yulu and I am going to show you the steps. Please make sure that your device is on maximum firmware at 10.1.1 or it would not be possible to do.

First step: You have to download their Cydia and Yalu file from their own website and you would get the file with dmg and ipa extension. Just put it in any folder and you should leave it for now.

Second step: Now open the cydia file by double click on them and choose application folder, and then connect our device and shortly after it the file will recognize of your device.

Third step: Once the cydia recognize the device, now please drag the yalu file to the cydia and enter your Apple ID to continue. When the app is successfully installed, you will a new app on your home screen and launch the app.

Fourth step: The app is not launched only if you change the setting on your device. Change the device management on the system and you are ready to go. Now, launch the app and wait for around 15 seconds and the device is jail broken now.

The steps are pretty easy to follow and you could do it easily. Keep in mind that I am not responsible to anything happen to your device, so make sure you know what the consequent. Your warranty is also voided if you jailbreak the system, so think it twice before do it. That is everything and pleases making any comment if you want.