Top Choices Of Screen Recorder For IOS

Not every people should have this app, but it might be needed for some people like me who love to record any game that I want and then put it on Youtube. It’s pretty much fun to see all of comments from people and I also get some money from the advertisement.  The app would be so much needed if you want to start doing Youtube, but you don’t know what to do. You don’t need any high specs computer because now you can do it on your phone. I put some good list of recording that I always use in recording my game.


Vidyo should be the number one for this case because of its great feature. Its able to record 1080P video with 60FPS. It is very powerful and does not eating much RAM. I don’t feel any lag or stuttering when using it. They also are giving us freedom on mixing and fixing some stuff on our video. So you could do every single thing without moving to other app.  It was removed from the store, so your huge chance is only searching it through the internet.


One unique thing that I love here is the capability. First, it doesn’t take too much power on our device that means less lag and more efficient on battery. Its fully compatible with IOS 9, but the only thing that have to compliance is the sounds that becoming pretty laggy when its connected to the microphone. Beside than that thing, everything is working truly well.

BB Recorder

BB Recorder is usable for any recording, but you also able to mirror it to another device or your TV.  The interface is pretty clear and it has a standard feature that allows you to do screening on your device.  The lack of feature is the only problem here.

Dr Phone

Now you could do screening and mirroring your app to do your gaming or doing any presentation on big screen pretty easily. The resolution is good and there is no pixelate on the image.  Its fully compatible with IOS 10, so don’t be worry. There are many others app that I want to suggest, but for me all of those things are more than enough for screen recording.  I tested all of the apps and everything is good.  At last, leave any comment if you want.


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